February 15, 2019

Chief Farmer

As part of my Master Gardener volunteer activities, I teach classes at the Mesa Public Library. Over the winter, I have a substantial increase in the number of winter visitors who attend the classes. Unfortunately, when it comes to gardening, many of these folks have c...

January 12, 2019

Chief Farmer

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from the Roots & Shoots Newsletter

In the fall of 2014, members of The Episcopal Church of The Transfiguration were exploring different ways of addressing poverty-related issues in the surrounding community. In...

December 21, 2018

Chief Farmer

Have you been thinking of taking your gardening/horticulture knowledge to a higher level, or learing related topics? This article presents a variety of programs and certifications available in the Valley, Tucson and online. Links and contact information are included....

November 8, 2018

Chief Farmer

The importance of saving native and heirloom seeds

August 13, 2017

Chief Farmer

I have been doing extensive research over the past week to learn more about the organic certification process. I am considering applying for organic certification of the farm.

I've started to blog about the organic certification process because I know there are others w...

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