Curious About Us?

Laura is the farm owner and a tenth generation farmer (more on that here). She focuses on the goals and direction for the farm, the crops, plants and trees, fixing things (a non-stop effort), and works at her other business to keep the farm afloat. She likes to tell this joke often, "How do you make a small fortune in farming?"  "You start with a large fortune." But Laura has plans to significantly expand the farm's output with organic fruits and vegetables in addition to the chickens, ducks, eggs and related items the farm has been producing for years. The farm has moved from a smaller "backyard" operation on 1 1/4 acres to a 21-acre irrigated property in Casa Grande, AZ. She intends to make an income from the farm while providing locally produced and organic foods to the community, something that is currently lacking in the local area. 


Laura has a friend and ranch hand, Todd. He lives on the farm, cares for all the animals, plans the animals' diets, manages animal injuries and illness, gets feed, tools and supplies, and organizes the farm equipment. Todd has been a cowboy, ranch hand, wrangler, trail ride leader, teamster (wagon driver), horse trainer, gardener, farmer and animal caretaker all his life. Todd has trained the farm's Clydesdales, Echo and Dante, to pull the wagon and farm gear, and work together as a team. This is no easy task and required several years of training to ensure the horses would work together safely. Their training continues.


Both Laura and Todd share a common goal to educate and share their love of animals, gardening/farming and heritage methods including using draft horses. They want to give back to our community by demonstrating that it is possible to farm in the desert and and the almost-lost art of using horse-drawn equipment. They want others to experience the joy of being on a farm, interacting with all the animals, and eating healthy food grown on your own plot. To that end, they enjoy giving farm tours. Come visit!